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Composite bearings are non-metallic and non-conductible fabric reinforced resin bearing in which contained solid lubricant provides sufficient self-lubricating resistance.

The followings are just a few of the advantages they have to offer over traditional bearing materials:
  • Excellent wear resistance:
    IB materials show consistently lower wear rates than all competitive materials in their field.
  • Good dimensional stability:
    Particularly when immersed in water, mineral oils or greases.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance:
    IB materials can be used in environments where abrasive particles are present.
  • Electrical insulation:
    Not susceptible to electrolytic corrosion (non graphited grades).
  • Excellent resilience:
    Capable of absorbing high shock loading/impact, enabling misalignment to be taken up without damage or fracturing.
  • Self lubricating:
    In many applications IB materials can run dry.
  • Good chemical resistance:
    Performs satisfactorily in the presence of most mineral and organic acids, solvents, organic bases and non-caustic alkalis.
  • Low coefficient of friction:
    Enabling higher speeds to be used and allowing heavier payloads to be carried, minimizing inertial problems (stick slip) with lowest power usage.
  • Easy installation:
    Can be installed by press or freeze fitting (dry ice or liquid nitrogen).


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