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IB #500 Series Self-lubricating Bearings can be utilized where heavy loads must be supported at low to medium speeds.

Bearings have high mechanical strength with excellent wear resistance and self-lubricating properties exhibiting stable performance and durability under severe operating conditions.


No form of supplementary lubrication is required. A film of solid lubricant is transferred onto shaft as it starts to run during operation, both of the surfaces burnish quickly and result in a highly polished bearing surface capable of withstanding extreme pressure.

Solid Lubricants :

A bearing and its mating surface should always be separated by a film of lubricant. IB produces proprietary solid lubricant compounds in house consisting of graphite, PTFE, metallic oxides, white metals, waxes and other minerals that are compressed and heat treated into dense plugs. These plugs are then installed into the base metal. Lubricants used in IB products are solid, permanent and completely self-lubricating.

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